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Join our artevie team!

Join our mission to re-define recruiting in digital times! 
We define the #futureofrecruiting and you are welcome to become a part of it.

Hello! Welcome to artevie, welcome to us. 
We are shaking recruiting industry in digital times.  

Because we believe it’s time for a change.

We didn‘t expect to do this job either. 

We ́ve all had previous lives. At agencies, multinationals, bars, boutique firms – you name it. But we fell in love with recruiting. Why? Because it’s about people, and we are excellent at that. 

As digital recruitment specialists we connect digital talent with smart companies that want to grow. Fast. 
We all share the same passion and work on one mission. 
We organize work totally flexible with regards to location and time. 
Based on trust and with modern technologies.

Our international team is currently based in Berlin, Frankfurt aM, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg and Basel.

You are warmly invited to join us on our exciting mission. 
From people to people. We hear you! 

What makes you get up in the morning...
  • You are passionate about people. 
  • You are passionate about communication. 
  • You can deal with all type of characters and manage human interfaces. 
  • You love to work in a dynamic digital driven environment. 
  • You are excited to work independently and move things forward. 
  • You love to keep things on track and keep focus even in dynamic times. 
  • You prefer to be hands-on and get things done rather discuss things over weeks. 
  • You are a generalist, open for any challenge and ready to grow by any task. 
  • You speak digital, German (Mother Tongue) and English (Fluent) and any other language. 
  • Your heart beats for human-to-human. Without any compromise. 
What you need to succeed in that mission
  • The right attitude and personality.  
  • Positive energy, will to succeed, ready to make mistakes, stand up and try it again with a smile on your face :- )  
  • You live anywhere in Germany, Luxembourg or Switzerland, location does not matter for us. You can work 100% flexible and also define your right working time for you. 
  • You speak digital, German (Mother Tongue), English and any other language. 
  • At least 1-2 years of combined experience in any working environment, but also fresh graduates are welcome 
If you want to join our mission to re-define recruiting in digital times, apply here online:
Or get in touch with us via E-Mail ( or any other channel you prefer:

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