Nyuko – a place to start and grow your business!

nyuko… what a funny name!
nyuko stands for new / you / co- (llaboration, working, creation, …).

nyuko is an independent nonprofit co-supported by public authorities and the business world (public-private partnership). It is an army of dynamic and innovational entrepreneurs, experts, advisors, coaches, mentors, service providers and strategic partners.

nyuko aims at supporting entrepreneurs, taking part in the across-the-board diversification of the economy and encouraging cross-pollinisation between sectors, in collaboration with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Coworking spaces are more than just desks to rent for a few hours a week or full time. These are small ecosystems, places to meet people with similar profiles ou totally different from you, who work as hard as you do.

Located in a former workshop in the district of Hollerich, nyuko team shares a bright, modern, well-designed working space fitted with all the equipment you need to work or to launch your business. It is a place to work, discuss or develop new ideas.

Business Mentoring
The business mentoring, by creating lasting relationships between mentors and mentees, aims at helping “young” business owners to avoid mistakes and to adopt the right behavior, the right reactions inherent to their job thanks to the accompaniment of the mentor.
nyuko integrated the BusinessMentoring program launched in 2010 by the Chamber of Commerce. Until today, 135 company heads have participated to the program, with 85 duos created. The companies whose heads were mentored have a 92% survival rate et 43% increased turnover.

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