Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange


Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange

LU-CIX stands for Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange. 
LU-CIX was founded in 2009 based on a cross-industries initiative set up by major national and international Internet players, with the aim of developing the Internet in Luxembourg.

The LU-CIX model of openness and neutrality is based on the philosophy of already existing international centers.

Thanks to LU-CIX, companies generating IP traffic and attracted to Luxembourg by the favorable economic environment, are now in a position to find all the means and tools to carry their traffic to all Internet users around the world. This Internet exchange point will permit the various Internet service providers to exchange Internet traffic between their networks, and thus directly connect the content providers and international Internet operators located in Luxembourg.

It will also enable its members to benefit from a number of services related to the Internet network and the communication and information technologies. 

LU-CIX has a neutral independent structural organization.