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Luxembourg is one of the top destinations in Europe when it comes to high-end ICT infrastructure and an excellent digital business framework. It’s the place to be for digital experts looking for opportunities to drive technology innovation forward on the highest international level. It’s the place of choice for experts who want to be a part of new digital business models in various industries that have the potential to redefine the markets sustainably and on a global level. Just think of Fintech, E-Learning and many more industries.

Luxembourg – the place to be for digital talents
Luxembourg offers the most attractive job opportunities in digital business. The Grand-Duchy is following a consequent national strategy called “Digital Luxembourg” that aims to drive digital innovation and development forward in all areas.

artevie – your partner in digital careers
artevie has longstanding relations with Luxembourgish business companies and a strong network in the ICT and digital business landscape.  We do have a unique network with connections to the most attractive and innovative projects and offer career support for digital experts being interested in joining the innovation hub Luxembourg.


Luxembourg has a lot to offer for digital professionals and their families.


Luxembourg – Find out more about the place to be in ICT.

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Luxembourg is connecting international business with Europe

Luxembourg features a diversified economy with businesses from all over the world. Today, Luxembourg is the European home to a large international community with 46% of the total population coming from 170 countries.


Luxembourg is the most competitve country in the European Union


of the population are foreigners and come from 170 countries.


of the active population in Luxembourg are foreign nationals


Luxembourg ranks 6th from most competitive countries wordwide


more than 170 different nationalities live in Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg – a digital nation driving innovation

    Luxembourg is following a clear strategy: to become best in class globally in terms of bandwith.
    Luxembourg is having already one of the most modern ICT infrastructures in Europe and more than 2.000 ICT firms operating in Luxembourg. Initially developed to support Luxembourg’s financial, broadcasting and space sectors, the rapidly growing information and communication technologies (ICT) industry has enabled Luxembourg to evolve into a global centre of excellence in IoT, cyber security and data protection and builds the best basis for international digital business operations.

Fibre to the Home

Local internet connectivity is assured via a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) programme which is currently being rolled out and will be fully completed by 2020, ahead of the current EU target.

Digital Lëtzebuerg

With its Digital Lëtzebuerg strategy launched in October 2014, the Luxembourg government gave a boost to the development of six key domains in order to make Luxembourg a Digital Nation:

  • FinTech
  • Infrastructure
  • Support for innovation and access to financing for start-ups
  • e-Administration
  • e-Skills
  • Promotion

Luxembourg boasts first-class infrastructures including 23 data centres, 8 of which have Tier-IV certication. Tier-IV data centres provide the highest level of quality and security.


Luxembourg was the first country in Europe to grant a payment institution licence to a virtual currencies operator.

4 ms

Luxembourg is connected through 23 different fibre routes to the main internet exchange hubs in Europe: Frankfurt, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Strasbourg with particularly low-latency rates of between 4 and 8 milliseconds.


of all European Tier IV Uptime Institute certified data centers are located in Luxembourg.

3 x

The number of e-money and e-payment institutions in Luxembourg tripled between 2012 and 2015 and includes players such as Amazon Payments, Rakuten and Yapital of the German retail giant Otto.


Luxembourg hosts 23 highly modern data centres with 30% of them of TIER4 standard.



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Luxembourg – a stable, strong an innovative country

The history of Luxembourg is grounded in political stability and economic performance. The economic growth in Luxembourg is significantly above the EU average and the public debt is low at only 23.2% of GDP. The government deficit stands at 0.6% of GDP which is far below the set EU’s 3% threshold. Luxembourg has a modern legal and regulatory framework designed to foster business development.


Luxembourg ranks 9th out of 141 countries for global innovation.


Luxembourg is one of only two in the Eurozone and one of only nine countries worldwide that is AAA rated by all three major credit rating agencies.


Luxembourg ranks No. 1 in Europe for efficient and helpful administrative services.


Luxembourg is no. 6 out of 28 countries for innovation performance.


Luxembourg ranks 1st in the world for technological readiness (the agility with which an economy adopts existing technologies to enhance the productivity of its industries).


Luxembourg – a welcoming place for international talent and digital experts

When you come to Luxembourg, you are a welcome guest! Luxembourg is THE place were international talents meet. Luxembourg has always been outward looking and cultivating a truly international mindset and character. People in Luxembourg are thus open-minded, friendly and approachable. Luxembourg is a welcoming place for international talents planning to settle in and work in a modern, multilingual, innovative and international environment.


“We were global from day one from Luxembourg.”

Niklas Zennström co-founder of Skype


Luxembourg ranks as the world’s second best city for expats according to Expat Insider’s most recent survey.

Luxembourg ranks No.1 in Europe for personal safety with 10 out of 10 for its low crime rate.

In addition, Luxembourg offers a very attractive tax regime on salaries relative to other EU countries. On a gross salary of €60,000, the cost for the company amounts to approximately €68,000. 63% goes directly to the employee as net salary while about 37% is paid in tax and social contributions.

“Cost of living in Luxembourg is lower than central London, Paris, Berlin or Brussels. “

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