Knowledge Search: Shifting expert knowledge from individuals to your organization.

We keep saying to our clients that Digital Transformation is not only about technology it’s about having an overall strategy in the long term. It’s not about a specific industry, it is affecting all industries and all corporate processes. Technology is not any longer a mere enabler of your operations; it is the driving force of your success.
The tech-driven innovation cycles hit faster and stronger decision making processes in corporate environments. The lack of relevant knowledge, immediately available when needed, is one of the most critical factors in decision making. All the business decisions are threatened by uncertainty and asymmetry of information, also those related to IT. The availability and accessibility of relevant knowledge that is validated by experience are the core issue and implies a competitive advantage.

The question is how to solve the availability of relevant knowledge whenever required in a fast and efficient way? Did you ever wonder what would have happened if you would have known how to avoid a problem in advance? Or simply to be aware of it?  Or to reflect your decision with a true industry expert before having taken it?  Imagine if you could have talked to a real expert in that field within just a couple of days and get a reliable insight on the topic.

In order to overcome uncertainty and optimize business thinking and decision-making, access to knowledge that matters is the formula for success. Sometimes we just need a boost, a reflection, a hint, a tip or simply listen to relevant experience. And we need it immediately, whenever required in decision making processes. We just simply need Knowledge search or microconsultancy.

We are living in times where information is generated day by day and can be accessed within seconds on a global base. However, this publicly available information has certain implications and limitations. The knowledge that is most valuable in decision-making processes is the most difficult to access and not publicly available. It is not documented anywhere, you can`t simply download or extract it from a platform; it’s “locked” in people’s heads. And it is based on long-term experience and validated by market proof and success. This knowledge is only available once you have access to the specific person and is only valuable if it’s at the right time. This is when it’s fast.

Artevie sarl unlocks this personal expert knowledge spread all over the globe and change the way how decision makers have immediate access to this most valuable knowledge within the shortest time. Fast, reliable and highly efficient.

Raise your question – we deliver the expert with the answer.

You raise your question – we deliver the expert with the answer – within a couple of days. Through Knowledge Search, we connect experts in their fields from all over the world with business decision makers seeking to sharpen their thinking and achieve a more precise decision making.

You will have a confidential talk with the expert and exchange relevant knowledge over phone, web-conference or in personal meetings. The information exchanged can help to validate an idea, question it, fill a gap, explore alternatives, start or end a process. It can end there or lead to a new conversation, a new idea, a new question, the following step. Knowledge search contributes to the shift of knowledge and power from the individual to the collective of the organization.

Think about the impact of your business decisions and how relevant information could contribute to this impact in a positive way. When was last time you gave up on something? What was preventing you from moving forward? Think what would have happened if you could have talked with an expert within 3 days to give you the answer.

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