Interim Management

Only beaming goes faster – our Interim Managers for digital projects are ready to start immediately.

Digital experts for your business success – fast, flexible and efficient.

Only beaming goes faster – our Interim Manager for digital projects are ready to start immediately

The digital transformation is challenging companies more than ever to have the required specialized resources available at short notice, to ensure flexible working processes and to respond successfully to the dynamic market changes. We stay at your disposal as a fast, flexible and reliable partner to deliver the required specialists in exact accordance to your demand. Based on our experience we know all aspects that are important tob e considered related tot he integration of external specialists in your organisation. Thus we ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

In particular in the digital transformation it is essential for success to have the right specialized resources available immediately and without any long search, implementation and training periods. On another hand flexibility is crucial for success due to fast changing market environments and thus changing project timelines, because projects in the digital transformation in particular create mainly projects with limited or fixed project runtimes.

We provide you with the required digital experts fast and flexible customized to your demand for the successful execution of your digital projects. And because we know that in many cases the specifications and requirements of the respective projects are not yet clear, we consult you during the initial phase in order to clearly analyse and define the requirements you really have and develop for your tailor made interim management solutions to maximize your project efficiency and create added value. Fast, flexible and ready to start immediately with cross-sectorial expert knowledge and relevant operational experience from blue print projects.

There is no faster, more flexible, more efficient and more effective way to gain know how for your organization.

15% increase

in interim contracts compared to 2015. The key driver is – digitalization.

Your advantages in a nutshell:


Digital expertise

    • We are focussed and specialised tot he requirements and challenges in connection with the digital transformation
    • Through us you do have access tot he best digital resources on the market with precise expert know how of your industry and from best reference companies and projects.
    • Our highly-specialized database offers thousands of highly qualified digital / ICT / BI experts
    • We speak the language of both worlds: the language oft he digital generation as well as the language of established corporations.
    • Our experts do have extensive industry experience and do understand the technical requirements of your business.
    • Immediate gain of know how and performance for your organization without any delay

Best service

    • We are faster than others: We respond immediately to your request and deliver solid solutions in best time.
    • You benefit from the immediate availability and operational capability of our experts.
    • You can rely on highest level of flexibility and efficiency in execution.
    • We operate 100% transparent: open and transparent communication of fees and costs in advance, no post-completion project costs and no hidden margin fees.
    • No post-contractual liabilities
    • Single Point of contact: you will always have one central contact person to handle all your requirements throughout the whole process.
    • With our strong network of offices we are always close to you.

Best contacts

    • We live a close relationship with all our digital experts based on 100% trust and openness and cooperation.
    • Secured selection and qualification process due to own expert-ident-method