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The world moves fast.

Well, so do we.

artevie is a digital recruitment specialist that connects digital talent with smart companies that want to grow. Fast. We are the stepping-stone towards your digital future.

Here’s the truth: Digitalization is a roller-coaster. We feel you. We’ve seen it all, and it’s our mission to be the transparent & trusted recruitment partner you need. Because we know digital. And we know the best people.

Finding digital talent
is key for your success.


Mastering digital recruiting.

+ 35.000 digital talent database.

+ 100.000 interactions per year developed our unique model. That works.

+ 200 companies growing through us. Fast.

+ 50% saving total recruiting costs.

+ 4x faster placement.

Finding digital talent
is key for your success.


Mastering digital recruiting.

+ 35.000 digital talent database.

+ 100.000 interactions per year developed our unique model. That works.

+ 200 companies growing through us. Fast.

+ 50% saving total recruiting costs.

+ 4x faster placement.

Trust we earned.

You are at the heart of everything we do.



Based on 230 reviews
Ahmed K.
Nice contact with Rita,She excels in locating, establishing and managing the interviews.
Johan S.
Both my wife and I found new positions through artevie and found them to be highly professional and helpful. I was in touch with Camila, who was a pleasure to work with. Always ready to answer any questions and provide useful information throughout the whole recruitment process I highly recommend them to anyone who is on the lookout for a new opportunity.
Alexei S.
The new way of recruiting. Agile. Strong in communication. Approachable and interested in people themselves and their abilities. Highly recommended - especially Ms. Darmanovic - Thank you 👏
Tun K.
Artevive, and particularly Camila, provided exceptional professionalism and kindness during my recruitment process. Camila's prompt responses and clear communication made everything seamless. Highly recommended for those seeking excellent recruitment service.
Vidusha S.
This was my first interview I had in Germany. Ms. Maria Catoira is super friendly, professional and I am absolutely happy with my experience with Artevie. This platform is recommended to anyone who is looking out for a new adventure.
Annika B.
Great experience with Camila from Artevie. The recruiting process and communication was very friendly, supportive, professional and transparent. Thank you!
Nico T.
I've been contacted by Camila from artevie for different opportunites. It's been a pleasure working with her, see's very professional and kind.I would recommend without hesitation.
Ben khmis Nour el H.
I had a great Experience with Camila Micoli from artevie. She is very helpful during the call providing insightful tips and thorough information. I recommend her to anyone currently looking for new opportunities.
Volker S.
Very professional and satisfying hiring process, perfectly accompanied by Camila Micoli. I just can recommend the company and the recruiter Camila.
Georgios V.
I had a great Experience with Camila Micoli from artevie. She was very helpful during the whole recruitment process, providing insightful tips and thorough information. I recommend them to anyone currently looking for new opportunities.
Mitali S.
I had the best conversation after so long :)Thank you so much Ms.Maria for this interview.
Marco kayumba m
I recommend the platform . I had the chance to speak to Maria. she's a professional, very helpful through the whole process
Sina Sanaie D.
thanks to artevie and its cool members, I found my new position with their suggest, help and efforts. highly appreciate it. Without any headache or redundunt meeting/interview it has been done, and of course I recomend artevie.
Richard D.
I had a very positive Experience with Camila Micoli and Christian Lepsien. Both were very kind and professional during all conversations. The Informations provided were very precise and helped a lot during the Recruitment Process, they have the expertise and connections to provide real Opportunities.I am very glad to have collaborated with them. Can only recommend them to anyone seeking Employment. +++++
Mahmoodreza Agha Ali N.
Mrs. Maria Catoira gave me an offer for a client of Artevie. I had the chance to have a good meeting with her and I found her to be very professional, attentive, and also very kind, and friendly. I really appreciate it and thanks to her helping me get in touch with a desirable company that was looking for a software developer, and have a good experience.Thanks again.
Arsalan S.
Nice company. Really friendly and collaborative people.
Valentin P.
I had the chance to chat with Mr. Xiao, who was excellent in his role I had a great time and highly recommend Xiao's talents and thank him for all his valuable advice and feedback,See you soonBest regardsPindon Valentin
An overall very nice experience. I've been contacted on Linkedin by Xiao, a member of the recruiting team. All the exchange were friendly and qualitative.
Max M.
Had a great experience with Camila. She is a great recruiter, straight-forward, easy to talk to, and provides a lot of information about the position. She does a great follow-up at every step of the process which helps relieving the pressure of going through an interviewing process, and she goes the extra mille to help make everything real smooth.
christopher J.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Xiao about a new opportunity. Xiao was very friendly, professional and transparent about the position. I will definitely keep in touch with him for potential future professional offers. Thanks, Chris,
Christine P.
artevie has a certain way of contacting people: clear approach from Maria about the topic, great texts, personable interview style and fair questions to the point. Professional team I can highly recommend .
Naeem S.
I get in touch with this company through LinkedIn. They approach me and suggest me with very relevant job positions. They also provide me special consultation regarding choosing the job and cities. Special thanks to Maria Arribas Catoira she was helpful to me throughout this hirring procedure and I found her very active. I asked her so many guideline specialy she gave me tips to improve my CV. She was always humble and very active and responsive to all my querries. Very professional orginization.
Mohamed Khalil L.
My experience as candidate going through the recruitment process of artevie was very pleasant.Clear, very responsive, professional and accommodating.Thanks!
Julio Cesar Ferreira S.
The BEST experience I had with any recruiting agency.The whole experience since the first contact, clarity on all recruiting steps and feedback is unmatched.
Hossam A.
Very positive experience with artevie so far. Camila is a great recruitment professional! Very efficient, flexible and reactive. We had our first call and she was super friendly and informative about the job role. I had an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended!
segun B.
Very supportive and professional. I greatly recommend.
Ramona B.
I had a very pleasant experience as candidate going through a recruitment process with artevie. Clear and on time responses, professionalism and empathy.
Eric N
I had a very good experience with Artevie. Camila was my main contact, and she was always very helpful, friendly and professional. I was always up-to-date on the current state of the recruitment process, as well as the steps to come. Highly recommend!
Juan M.
I had the pleasure working together with Rita and Christian. They supported me during the whole application process and gave me valuable information about the hiring process. When it came to the negotiation part, I benefitted from Christians experience which helped me to formulate a strategy. I can totally recommend anybody working together with artevie!
Luisa M.
Camila was my contact. Professional, friendly and fast. Very proactive in keeping me updated on all the steps of the recruitment process. Best recruiting experience for me!
Ali J.
The best recruiting agency so far. Nice and warm talk, very friendly personal, and most importantly exciting and modern clients.
Eva R.
Absolutely happy with my experience with Artevie and specifically with Maria Arribas.As a Senior Software Engineer I already know exactly what I want and this is what I appreciated the most: They gave me all the information I needed it since the beginning so nobody wasted its time.The communication was fluent and familiar, feeling that the biggest goal for them was find me the job I love. The secret is in the eager and Maria had the secret.After almost 3 years I still in touch with her as I think is a high valuable person and professional.
Aurela S.
One of the best experiences for me regarding recruitment agencies. They are professional and caring. I worked with Camila and I was very happy. She supported me in all the stages of the interview and kept me updated constantly.
sairam R.
The process is well organized and the response is really quick . Recruiting Consultant Ms. Catoira collected my job requirements and suggested me to the expected job role to the best.Thank you
Desislava S.
I can share only very positive experience with this company.The team and the personal contact provides professional guidance and support during the whole process. Take the time needed to get to know you personally and to understand your experience and your strengths, in order to share/ find for you the best matching position.I am glad I trusted the team ! 😊
Ida De D.
Artevie is one of the best recruiting companies I had the honour to work with so far. The employees are passionate and professional and they will guide you in all the processes required for an hiring position. I meet really wonderful people in Artevie and they gave me a job opportunity and a life opportunity with all their advices!
Hannah F.
Talking to Christian and Cristina, I immediately noticed that Artevie combines the highest professionalism, a thrilling motivating company spirit and human values. You actually feel that the founders put their heart and soul into their work. Their enthusiasm to bring out the best for their customers at all times and to place the highest priority on operational excellence, value creation, humanity and innovation is absolutely catching. The team pulls forward together, each individual has the opportunity to contribute to the success. A truly great concept. I look forward to more inspiring conversations and meetings with Artevie!
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We work. You grow.

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Duration: 20 Minutes

Free consultation call

Target: Situation analysis

Once you applied for a free consultation call we will review the same. We receive a lot of request and ask for your kind understanding that we can not accept all. If we believe we can jointly create value one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a call with you. In this joint call we follow a structured procedure to analyse your situation, discuss all terms and see if we can help you.


Duration: 20 Minutes

Dedicated job briefing

Target: Job role analysis

‌In this structured call carried out by one of our Senior experts we elaborate all relevant information for the specific job role(s) you want us to fill for you. Since a structured job role analysis is half of the success. After that we are ready to go.


Duration: 2 Weeks

2 Weeks

8 Weeks

20 Minutes

20 Minutes

20 Minutes

Active digital sourcing

Target: Find what you need

We set up the active search and identify and attract the TOP talents for your mission through a matrix of digital channels. We are able to attract talents that will not apply on any job add etc. They are not actively looking for a job because the best talents have already good jobs. We make sure they fall in love with yours. We analyze potential candidates and carry out dedicated video interviews with them.Our unique 4 eye principal model ensures constant TOP quality selection.


Duration: 2 Weeks

Submission of relevant candidate

Target: Perfect match

We submit complete profiles (not just forwarding CVs!) to you that contain ALL relevant information. In our dedicated screening process we gain a holistic understanding of a persons profile with utmost focus on details. Based on that profile you decide to enter into a conversation with the candidate.


Duration 8 Weeks

Successful hire.

Target: Your team growth

We provide a fully managed service throughout the whole candidate interview process and support you and the candidate in every little step to ensure best candidate and client experience. When it comes to your offer making we are your trusted partner to provide you with expertise and extensive market knowledge to ensure a perfect match.

Why our clients are so successful with us?

Success is no luck. It is the result of experience and the ability to develop the right model out of it. With passion and will to succeed. See why we are different and deliver results. Guaranteed.

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artevie recruiting model

Not specialized in digital

100% specialized in digital/IT

No digital capabilities

Mastering digital

No credibility in digital community

Trust and credibility earned over years in +100.000 digital talent interactions pa.

No digital industry specific candidate database

+35.000 candidate database with ONLY digital/IT experts

Sales centric

Human centric

Recycling CVs opportunistically

Only profiles that match

No dedicated search

Dedicated search

No quality assurance in screening

Dedicated 4-eye principal in screening

Loose of interest if no quick success

We close. Guaranteed.

Trust drives success stories.

Tom Michels
Co-Founder & CEO Salonkee

Finding the right people is key for the success of our company.

Thomas Lange
Founder & CEO CultureBooking

Alles ging sehr schnell und unkompliziert. Ruck-Zuck hatten wir die richtigen Leute gefunden.

Igor Leshchenko
Information Security Officer Interactive Brokers

I was not treated as a product, a resource. I was treated as a human.

Dr. Markus Gerigk
Managing director of ACS PharmaProtect GmbH

I no longer need another partner for recruiting.

Sandra Bucci

Talent Acquisition Manager TALKWALKER

„Digital native, super-fast and human-to-human. We are happy to work with you in this long-term cooperation“


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Still not convinced?

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We operate dedicated offices in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland and connect smart companies with digital talent around the globe.



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We do receive lot of enquiries every day. We analyse them carefully.
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Request your free consultancy call now
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+ 35.000 digital talents trust us already as their career partner.
We are happy to support your career path in digital industry, too
But before we start one thing is important:

We do receive lot of enquiries every day. We analyse them carefully.
We select the ones where we see the potential for joint success.
With those we`ll arrange a free of costs 20 Min. consultancy call to find out what we can do for you.

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