Cooperation partners

We work with expert partners.

We work with proven experts in their respective specialist disciplines.

Our mission is to provide you with excellent support. Therefore our portfolio includes a wide range of solutions within the field of human resources. However, in particular cases we expand our knowledge by cooperating with proven experts from our network.

Cologne Research Center

The Cologne Research Center under the leadership of Professor Dr. Bernd Glazinski represents an interface between science and corporate practice. It aims to create a synergy between (applied) research and the development and evaluation of concepts, instruments and processes focusing on Leadership Development, Human Resources, Organizational and Corporate Development.

Institut für angewandte Managementforschung

The Institut für Angewandte Managementforschung serves as an interface between science and corporate practice. As an independent institute for scientific research is focusses on management and connects businesses, organizations and universities. The Institut für Angewandte Managementforschung takes over projects and accepts assignments that will be carried out in close cooperation with students, graduate students, doctoral candidates and professors.