Our commitment

Support of fine arts and business relations.

Top talents in fine arts:

As an art enthusiast and passionate art collector Christian Lepsien founded the non-profit organization Lepsien Art Foundation to support young international artists and facilitate the intercultural exchange through various projects, initiatives and cooperations.

What the organization aims at:

  • Support the best talents in the field of Fine Art in a sustainable way
  • Build bridges between different cultures and nationalities for more acceptance and mutual respect
  • Facilitate an open content driven discussion and exchange between diverse artistic personalities and disciplines
  • Provide a platform for interested people to get in touch with artists and explore art through open studios and dedicated artist talks

International business relations:

The close, friendly and diverse German-Luxembourg relationship is characterized by numerous similarities. As immediate neighbors, being able to communicate through the German language and as founding members of the EU representing the idea of a united Europe, Germany and Luxembourg have been the driving forces for many years in the formation of the European Union.

The Business Club Luxembourg is an exclusive business club which was founded by German and Luxembourg entrepreneurs in 2012 in Germany. The club promotes the exchange between the two countries and it`s members share a common economical and cultural interest in the Grand Duchy Luxembourg.

We have been supporting the Business Club Luxembourg from the beginning as an active member.