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We keep saying to our clients that Digital Transformation is not only about technology it’s about having an overall strategy in the long term. It’s not about a specific industry, it is affecting all industries and all corporate processes. Technology is not any longer a mere enabler of your operations; it is the driving force of your success.
The tech-driven innovation cycles hit faster and stronger decision making processes in corporate environments. The lack of relevant knowledge, immediately available when needed, is one of the most critical factors in decision making. All the business decisions are threatened by uncertainty and asymmetry of information, also those related to IT. The availability and accessibility of relevant knowledge that is validated by experience are the core issue and implies a competitive advantage.

The question is how to solve the availability of relevant knowledge whenever required in a fast and efficient way? Did you ever wonder what would have happened if you would have known how to avoid a problem in advance? Or simply to be aware of it?  Or to reflect your decision with a true industry expert before having taken it?  Imagine if you could have talked to a real expert in that field within just a couple of days and get a reliable insight on the topic.

In order to overcome uncertainty and optimize business thinking and decision-making, access to knowledge that matters is the formula for success. Sometimes we just need a boost, a reflection, a hint, a tip or simply listen to relevant experience. And we need it immediately, whenever required in decision making processes. We just simply need Knowledge search or microconsultancy.

We are living in times where information is generated day by day and can be accessed within seconds on a global base. However, this publicly available information has certain implications and limitations. The knowledge that is most valuable in decision-making processes is the most difficult to access and not publicly available. It is not documented anywhere, you can`t simply download or extract it from a platform; it’s “locked” in people’s heads. And it is based on long-term experience and validated by market proof and success. This knowledge is only available once you have access to the specific person and is only valuable if it’s at the right time. This is when it’s fast.

Artevie sarl unlocks this personal expert knowledge spread all over the globe and change the way how decision makers have immediate access to this most valuable knowledge within the shortest time. Fast, reliable and highly efficient.

Raise your question – we deliver the expert with the answer.

You raise your question – we deliver the expert with the answer – within a couple of days. Through Knowledge Search, we connect experts in their fields from all over the world with business decision makers seeking to sharpen their thinking and achieve a more precise decision making.

You will have a confidential talk with the expert and exchange relevant knowledge over phone, web-conference or in personal meetings. The information exchanged can help to validate an idea, question it, fill a gap, explore alternatives, start or end a process. It can end there or lead to a new conversation, a new idea, a new question, the following step. Knowledge search contributes to the shift of knowledge and power from the individual to the collective of the organization.

Think about the impact of your business decisions and how relevant information could contribute to this impact in a positive way. When was last time you gave up on something? What was preventing you from moving forward? Think what would have happened if you could have talked with an expert within 3 days to give you the answer.

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Cristina Paris Garcia

Luxembourg Internet Days 2016 – 5th edition

The Luxembourg Internet Days 2016 took place the 22nd and 23rd of November with more than 800 international participants. This 5th edition was focusing on two main topics:

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain with overall 22 specialized international high-level speaker contributions and presentations, including, amongst others, the presentation by Candi Carrera, Country Manager Microsoft Luxembourg, and 6 panel discussions. Also, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel gave a keynote speech about the Digital Transformation strategy of Luxembourg. In parallel, the start-up forum took place with several dynamic workshops.

Our Managing Director of artevie SARL, Christian Lepsien, participated in the panel Mining for Skills together with Nicolas Schmit, Luxembourg Minister for Labour, Employment, Social Economy and Economic Solidarity, Nico Binsfeld, CEO of the House of Training, Claudine Kariger, ICT policy advisor at the Ministry of State’s Media and Communications department and Yves Lepage, Co-founder and CEO of Numericall.

The panel discussion was mainly focussed on the human resource aspects of the digital transformation. The key question discussed was what digital transformation means for the labour market and how the education system should evolve to match the future requirements.

The Speakers debated whether IT skills will generally play a greater role in the labour market and in the society and what the education system needs to do in order to facilitate this development of skills from early stage.

Christian explained why the digital transformation is ultimately also a social transformation — “We all know that the digital transformation we are facing is just the beginning of a rapid development driven by technological evolution.“ Also he said, that it is not just about technology. The digital transformation has a substantial impact on society and on individual people, be it as consumer or user, or be it as labour market participant. The digital transformation impacts all areas of corporate organisations, changing the required skills set in organizations in all segments. As a logical consequence, the job market, as we know it today will change. Referring to his own business Christian points out that „we are already facing a new upcoming strong demand for specialized skills in technology and IT, in particular in the BIGDATA and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE segment for example, and this process will even accelerate in the future.“

 Given that, no one can exactly predict which new skill sets will be required in the next years; new job titles and roles that we never heard of by today will be created and the competition for the best talents in this sector will increase across all industries. On the other hand, some traditional job roles will change or be possibly substituted. Companies need more than ever to drive their digital transformation process forward as core part of their strategy. However, the core success factor and critical resource is not technology, it is human.

 So Christian concludes: „Companies need to develop new strategies how to attract and retain best talents and incorporate international best-practice and know-how in their value chain. The education system can facilitate the development by implementing best practices of digital learning and relevant IT skills in the education program from early stage. Maybe soon “coding” will be a “new” standard language in school!?”.


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Lux Business Club: Successful Bi-Lateral Business


How the Business Club Luxembourg in Germany Facilitates Successful Bi-Lateral Business

You may be surprised to know that more and more German companies are looking to form business partnerships with Luxembourgish companies and set up operations in Luxembourg. And the reverse is true as well, with a growing number of Luxembourgish companies looking to new business opportunities in Germany.

There’s a good reason for this recent upturn in bilateral business activity…

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ICT in Luxembourg


ICT has always been part of the Luxembourg economy – with the historic RTL founded in the 1930s, and SES (Europe’s first privately owned satellite company) created in the 1980s.
In light of ICT’s growing role in the global economy, and taking advantage of the country’s highly stable political system, successive governments have actively supported the development of this sector in order for Luxembourg to become a center of excellence for ICT and a key data hub in Europe. A state-of-the-art infrastructure has been developed to attract business to Luxembourg and other measures have been taken to promote the country as a European Trusted Information Center.

In 2014, the government presented its ‘Digital Lëtzebuerg‘ initiative aimed at strengthening and consolidating its long term position in the ICT field. This initiative focuses on ICT as an economic sector, and ICT as a business enabler, and comprises a series of work-streams looking at different aspects of the sector.


Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange


Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange

LU-CIX stands for Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange. 
LU-CIX was founded in 2009 based on a cross-industries initiative set up by major national and international Internet players, with the aim of developing the Internet in Luxembourg.

The LU-CIX model of openness and neutrality is based on the philosophy of already existing international centers.

Thanks to LU-CIX, companies generating IP traffic and attracted to Luxembourg by the favorable economic environment, are now in a position to find all the means and tools to carry their traffic to all Internet users around the world. This Internet exchange point will permit the various Internet service providers to exchange Internet traffic between their networks, and thus directly connect the content providers and international Internet operators located in Luxembourg.

It will also enable its members to benefit from a number of services related to the Internet network and the communication and information technologies. 

LU-CIX has a neutral independent structural organization.

Do you know Silicon Luxembourg?


Founded in 2013, Silicon Luxembourg is a rapidly growing media channel designed to profile startups and promote entrepreneurial activity in Luxembourg. Our goal is to become the number one media channel in Luxembourg for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as for people around the world interested in Luxembourg’s tech startup scene.

Recently, Luxembourg has made significant strides in diversifying its economy. Strong efforts from both the government and the country’s citizens have led to noteworthy growth in entrepreneurial activity, including the creation of numerous startups, business incubators and funding opportunities.

Before Silicon Luxembourg launched, information targeted at entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and others within the startup community was spread across multiple different media sources. This made it difficult and time-consuming to stay on top of the latest startup news, learn about the startup community and find unique opportunities. Silicon Luxembourg was created to give readers one media source for all things startup related in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Internet Days 2016


Luxembourg Internet Days
22 & 23 November 2016

Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg

Over the years, the Luxembourg Internet Days have cemented their position as a key event for ICT professionals. The presence of top-quality speakers, the relevance of the subjects addressed, and the numerous networking opportunities have attracted an increasing number of visitors every year, travelling from the Greater Region as well as from across the globe.

In 2016, the Luxembourg Internet Days will focus on two major subjects: the Internet of Things (IoT), which will address M2M-related problems together with Big Data challenges, and Blockchain, mainly known in the FinTech sector but whose applications are also to be found in other domains. This year, we will launch a new concept and deploy a broad range of workshops specifically dedicated to start-ups that will run in parallel to the conferences on the above subjects.

The 2016 edition of the Luxembourg Internet Days will be rich in outstanding conferences and will focus even more on interactivity, with many round tables. Moreover, as always, the event will include an Exhibition to promote productive, high-quality exchanges.