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Sharpen your decision making with access to global best-in-class knowledge.

The power of knowledge – access to global best-in-class knowledge for sharpe decisions.

Specific knowledge for better decisions.

artevie SARL is the first and only specialized Knowledge Search and Knowledge Broker based in Luxembourg. Out of Luxembourg we are connecting business professionals from all industries with specific questions with global experts who have the answers.

Our mission is to help you to improve your decision making, sharpen your thinking processes and support your business on a sustainable basis. We do connect companies and organizations highly efficient and intelligently with relevant experts across all industries and regions. With a unique network of experts we find the people you need to talk to.

Our process – highly efficient and secure

Our service is unique, our process highly efficient and secure. Thats how we take you further:

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85% of decision makers

name lack of relevant knowledge as a core risk factor.

Your advantages:

Unique global expert network

    • We provide a unique global network of experts across all industries
    • We offer fast and secure 24/7 access to best in class knowledge
    • Our highly specialized database gives us a competitive advantage in terms of global experts access

Best service

    • We are fast, efficient and reliable
    • Our team speaks 8 languages
    • Our processes are secure and guarantee you best results in shortest time
    • No matter what question you are facing – we find the expert with the answer
    • We work fully digital and ensure you professional project management and full transparency through the project lifecycle
    • Full transparency on costs – no follow up costs or change of pricing
    • Single Point of contact: throughout the whole process one of our professionals is dedicated to you